The air is thin. You hear others bustling about next to you but          can’t see anything. Wait! You take your blindfold off to reveal an  eerie room you've never seen before. Is this a dream? After  conversing with the others in the room, you find that you’ve been  kidnapped! Now it’s up to you and your new-found teammates to  solve the clues and puzzles to escape before………. THE  KIDNAPPER RETURNS!

​​​​​A Failed Experiment

It’s been a long day. You and your fellow nuclear physicist’s have tried everything to get that bomb working, to no avail. Your employer has you on such a strict time schedule that you all agree to attempt one more thing before calling it quits for the day. You tweak with this and twiddle with that and BOOM. The timer starts ticking down from 60 minutes. Excitedly, you go to your computer to disarm the bomb. Click….CLICK…..CLICK!! The button doesn’t work and you realize that you never installed the disarm feature on the bomb itself! Do you have what it takes to figure out the code to disarm the bomb before it goes KABLAM?

A Colorful Sound

So far, being a roadie hasn't been too bad. Free concerts, hanging out with famous bands, and tons of traveling. That is until a member of a popular band walks up to your group and explains that he has lost his keyboard inside of the music room and can't seem to find it. He explains that his band has a concert in an hour and needs his keyboard for the concert. Everything sounds pretty simple until your group walks into the music room and suddenly hears a CLICK from behind. The door is locked! Does your group have what it takes to find the keyboard, and the key to exit the room, before the concert starts? Your jobs are on the line!

Coming Soon:

Kidnapped: Revamped -
May 1, 2017

Bonnie and Clyde: The Great Heist - June 1, 2017

Around the World in 60 Minutes - September 1, 2017

Steampunk'd - 
January 1, 2018