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Kidnapped: Revamped!​

  The air is thin. You hear others bustling about next to you but  can’t see anything. Wait! You take your blindfold off to reveal an  eerie room you've never seen before. Is this a dream? After  conversing with the others in the room, you find that you’ve been  kidnapped! Now it’s up to you and your new-found teammates to  solve the clues and puzzles to escape before………. THE  KIDNAPPER RETURNS!
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Bonnie & Clyde:
The Great Heist

After joining Bonnie and Clyde's team of mischief bandits, your group has been tasked with putting on a heist at the local saloon. However, this particular saloon has dealt with theft in the past. The owners of the saloon have hidden their treasured cash in random places throughout the entire saloon. Can your team break in, steal all of the money, and escape before the saloon opens in an hour? Only time will tell!​​
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Around the World in 60 Minutes

You have been close to your grandfather your whole life. During his many travels, he would always bring something back to you and leave small notes and clues for you to solve to find them. Sadly, after he passes away, you go to his office to pack up some things. While cleaning up, you find a journal. The journal explains that there is one last secret your grandfather has kept from you all these years, and that you will have to travel the world just like he did to unravel the secret. Can you solve your grandfather's big secret and find out what he's been hiding from you all these years?​​
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